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Private Eyes for Your Private Lives was the featured story on Pittsburgh's Sportline show on June 23, 2014 to promote Amber J. Long's tragic death. Her father was able to tell his story and express the need for the public to come forward with any information they have. This case is still unsolved. There have been no arrests despite surveillance footage in this fatal purse snatching case. 

These wonderful parents came to Mr. Kresson asking for help to find their daughter's murderer. This was not any ordinary story that could be taken lightly. This unsolved murder needed as much media coverage as possible to gain additional information from the public. 

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Featured Story: Amber J. Long

Co Hosted by: Ninon de Vere De Rosa


Victim of a Fatal Purse - Snatching 

​Unsolved Murder

Unsolved Murder Continues to Gain Information from Public Social Media:

New Episode - Private Eyes for Your Private Lives WEDNESDAY July 2, 2014

Hosted by: Lead Investigator Robert Kresson